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Building Props

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In which Kevin Six, reminiscent of his time as a props buyer and builder at a local regional theatre, describes how he made a very creepy prop for New Play Cafe’s latest production. Being a theatrical producer is pretty fun. 

Anatomy of a Rehearsal

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Directing short plays is delightful. You only have to rehearse for an hour or less per rehearsal to have an impact on a play. Another delightful thing: having the playwright handy to answer questions. Directing three plays for New Play

On fireworks, serving, and standing at attention

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Powerful words and images. I am directing a play about many things. I think one of the main things is standing in the face if adversity. This is something important to me. At the end if the play Suspended, by

Anatomy of an Audition

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I showed up at DeMi Cafe Cafe (yes that’s not a typo) on July 28th at a little before 5:00 p.m. to set up for auditions that would begin at 5:20 p.m. Waiting for me was an actor friend who

Legends Company

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The Legends (in ten minutes or less) Company Talbot’s Shadow by Brianna Caraet, directed by Bryant Hernandez — Featuring Cat Forrest as Flora and David Rolland as Ricky Offline Daters by David Hogan, directed by Kevin Six — Featuring Amada

Actors Alliance Artist Development Program

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We have been following with interest the efforts of the Actors Alliance San Diego.  As you might remember, the Actors Alliance put on one San Diego’s first festivals for new plays.  This year, the Alliance, under the direction of new

Thinking of you…

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The New Play Cafe brain trust met recently and came up with a number of resolutions for 2014 and we’re sticking to them!  There are a lot of things happening in San Diego with Fringe, the Theatre Communications Group conference

Simply Sci-Fi News Update:

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We have a theme, dates and — best of all — a graphic for Simply Sci-Fi.  Because, let’s face it, people want to see a rocket flying over the San Diego skyline before they’re going to buy tickets.  And, speaking

Some questions and answers

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Why the ten minute play? For the theatre, the ten minute play festival has been an economically viable vehicle for showcasing new playwrights and new works.  For the playwright, it gives the opportunity for production or publication, but it can

Actress Jewell Karinen

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Jewell Karinen talks about rehearsing Witch Cafe, by Soroya Rowley and directed by Carla Nell, in a public coffee shop that may or may not be named below.  Tonight I met Laura Bohlin and Carla Nell at a coffee shop