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Crash Bang Boom. by Nate Black, directed by Kevin Six
featuring Tony Beville, Erik Cram and Steve Smith
Don Juan Whitman on Earth by Carla Nell, directed by Eric Poppick
featuring Laura Bohlin and J. Tyler Jones
Evil Alan by Ryan Roach, directed by Eric Poppick
featuring Fred Harlow, Philip John and J. Tyler Jones
Peripathetic by Bryan Finnigan, directed by Eric Poppick
featuring Fred Harlow and Tiffany Tang
Romancing the Machine by Kathleen E. Massé, directed by Kevin Six
featuring Laura Bohlin, Erik Cram and Steve Smith
The Time Travel Café by Janet S. Tiger, directed by Kevin Six
featuring Tony Beville, Philip John and Tiffany Tang


Playwright bios may be found at:


Erick Poppick

Eric Poppick moved to San Diego in 2006 after spending thirty years in Los Angeles, working as an actor and director for stage, television and film. He has directed three productions for Scripps Ranch Theatre, An Inspector Calls, Play it Again, Sam and Over the River and Through the Woods. He directed the original production of Ripples from Walden Pond at Cygnet Theatre and the original production of W.C. Fields by Himself! at North Coast Repertory Theatre. Local acting credits include: The Man Who Came to Dinner (Coronado Playhouse); Beau Jest, Barefoot in the Park (AVO Theatre); An Enemy of the People (Intrepid Shakespeare Company); Death of a Salesman, Golden Boy, Four Dogs and a Bone (New Village Arts Theatre); The History Boys (Patté Award, Cygnet Theatre); Morning’s at Seven (North Coast Repertory Theatre); How the Other Half Loves, Deathtrap, Not Now, Darling (Scripps Ranch Theatre); One for the Road (Lyceum Theatre). Film and TV roles include: Basic Instinct, Mouse Hunt, Single White Female, Hero (with Dustin Hoffman), Seinfeld, Columbo, Curb Your Enthusiasm, NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless. Eric has a BFA in Acting from Boston University and an MA in Directing from The State University of New York.


Kevin Six

Kevin Six

Kevin Six was the 2009-11 Playwright in Residence at Swedenborg Hall and his play Love, Unrequited, in Three Galleries was the 2008 winner of The Scripteasers’ Script Tease of Short Plays. His play The Cake Women was published in 2008 in Smith and Kraus’ The Best 10-Minute Plays of 2007.  Kevin’s play, Love Negotiated was a finalist in the 2006 Diverse Voices Playwriting Contest sponsored by the Hinton Battle Theatre Laboratory and was produced to critical success in 2008 and published by Next Stage Press in 2012.   As a director and an actor, he has appeared at Compass, Intrepid Shakespeare, the Old Globe, Fritz, the Marquis, Swedenborg Hall and Scripps Ranch theatres as well as on several industrial and commercial film projects.


Tony Beville

Tony Beville

Tony Beville is happy to be combining three passions:  acting, science fiction, and diners.  Over the years, he’s been seen on stages around San Diego in the various guises of a vampire, a Nazi, a Venetian reprobate, and an absurd English gentleman, among many others.

So, here is the code, for those who are smart enough to crack
 it.  It is as simple as highlighting the text and revealing those words

we whited out in order to make the god damned photos line up.  Did
you know that that’s the only way to get this mojo blog software to

work?  Well, there might be another way but, really, we think it’s better to embed this code for you to see if you can crack it and win two tickets to the show. So, you are wondering how to do it, aren’t you? Thanks for playing.  All you have to do, not that you can “see” the clues is to solve the riddle.

 Laura BohlinLaura Bohlin is a stage and screen actress who has also performed improv and stand-up comedy. She was most recently seen in New Play Cafe’s The Coffee Shop Chronicles as a goddess and a witch, and is currently appearing in a commercial for National University. Laura is a detective, hostess and occasional murder victim on Saturday nights while working at The Dinner Detective murder mystery show.  She enjoys strong, sweet coffee and annual Twilight Zone marathons.
Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a Princess… wait, no, strike that.  Too quaint.  Once, a great while ago, there was a dragon… no.  Not Sci-Fi enough.  OK! Once there was an Alien commander ans his job was to destroy the earth to make way for an innerspace thoroughfare.
Erik Cram

Erik Cram

Erik Cram is a actor and stand up comedy native to San Diego.  Erik Cram has been pursuing his artistic desires all his life.  Erik Cram thanks his Mom, Dad, Brother, and his beautiful girlfriend for their love and support.

Yeah!  So this alien — a Vogon by species — was tasked with ticking off the box that said “Earth Demolished.” but Arthur Dent got into his way.  Arthur Dent was the creation of Douglas Adams in his (very oddly titled) trilogy of four books called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

So you see where we’re going with this?
In Hitchhikers — as all the froudes call it — each book began with a story about a girl who wondered why the world couldn’t have more love in it.

Fred Harlow

Fred Harlow appeared at Scripps Ranch Theatre in An Inspector Calls and Brooklyn Boy.  He has performed at Moxie, Diversionary, The Old Globe, La Jolla Playhouse and many others. Before moving to San Diego he lived in NYC where he helped form Lightning Strikes Theatre Co. along with D. Candis Paule. Favorite local productions include, Valere in La Bête at The Fritz, Roy in The Best Mistake, produced by Playwrights Project, and half the citizens in A Tuna Christmas at Compass Theatre.

I remember, vaguely, that this girl’s story seemed interesting enough to have it’s own book in the trilogy (of four books) but always forgot her mumblings as soon as I was thrust into the world of Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker

Philip John

Philip John

Philip John is thrilled to be working with this talented group artists at New Play Cafe. Some of his theatre credits include The Man Who Came to Dinner (Coronado), Bent (Diversionary), and Swimming in the Shallows (InnerMission). He has done several local films and currently has a commercial running on KPBS.

Then I started wondering… what if that girl did have her story told, finally.  What would that be like?  Would romance be able to be interjected into the sterile world of Hitchhiker?

Could Arthur Dent, in fact, have sex?  Well it turned out that Arthur Dent did not only have sex with this woman in whatever installment of the books but he had sex while flying which, as you remember, is simply the act of throwing yourself to the ground and then missing.
There was also a Dire Straits song playing during this — and just about all subsequent love scenes in this book.
Which brings us to the question you need to answer…

J. Tyler Jones

J. Tyler Jones

J. Tyler Jones holds a BA in Theatre from Florida State University. Since arriving in San Diego a few years ago, he has performed with National Comedy Theatre, Playwrights Project, Scripps Ranch Theatre, ion, Cygent, and La Jolla Playhouse.

Actually, you need to answer four– and none of them have as much to do with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as you might thing.  No, you don;t have to rush out and buy the books — but I think you should because they are not only the best Sci-Fi books out there they are also the best in terms of humor.  And the romance in book — whatever — of the, let’s call it what it is, a Quadrilogy — the romantic story is one of the best you’ll read.

And if you’re like me, you’ll read all four…

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is an actor, director, and teacher with a BA in Theatre from the Florida State University. As a performer, he’s a big fan of Shakespeare but most enjoys helping create brand new works in readings, workshops, and new play festivals. Formerly an Education Director back in Florida, Steve now teaches playwriting through the excellent San Diego-based organization Playwrights Project.

So we have Douglas Adams, his characters Arthur Dent and the woman he falls in love with in one of the later books — possibly the last — as well as flying sex at night over London and a Dire Straits song that was so romantic that you couldn’t help kissing the one you love during it.


Tiffany Tang

Tiffany Tang

Tiffany Tang is a San Diego native, recently returned to her home world. Local credits include The Vagina Monologues (InnerMIssion), SRO (Playwrights Project/NVA), Lifestages:Reflections (Playwrights Project), Romeo and Juliet, TerraNova (Intrepid Shakespeare), Derbywise, Invasion (Circle Circle dot dot). She blames her closet nerdiness and subsequent imaginary love affair with Wil Wheaton on her father, who introduced her to “Star Trek” as a child. BA: Mount Holyoke, MFA: Actors Studio Drama School


OK.  Got it all?  OK now here are the four questions you have to answer.
1. If you were casting the film (OK another, better film) of this love story book (I think it was So Long and Thanks For All The Fish but don’t quote me), whom would you cast as Arthur Dent?
2. Who would you cast as the love interest?
3. What Dire Straits song do you think was the soundtrack for the flying sex scene?
There was a tie!  The first Two People to answer these questions and e-mail them to won a pair of tickets to the Simply Sci-Fi preview performance on Aug. 14.  But we really want to know what your answers are — so leave them in the comments section below.  Thanks!!!

Kevin Six is a co-founder of New Play Cafe. He works as an actor and writer.