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Here is an excerpt from a very nice piece in the UCSD Guardian about, what else? New Play Cafe. Thanks to the paper and the author Jacey Aldredge.

Just Desserts Featured

San Diego’s New Play Cafe brings you some of the city’s brightest work, served up with coffee and, yes, hot fudge sundaes. 

Just Desserts

Written by 02 May 2013 Graphic: Snighdha Paul/Guardian

Like dessert, theater comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. It would only make sense, then, that theater and dessert combined would engender quite a creation. New Play Cafe has intended to do just that with The Coffee Shop Chronicles, a festival of 10-minute plays born and bred in San Diego by local playwrights. The plays are being produced at the Big Kitchen Restaurant (with remaining showings on May 3, May 10 and May 15), rotating between the cafe’s two dining areas while audiences are served fresh-brewed coffee and dessert. Two of the founders of New Play Cafe — as well as actors and writers of their respective plays — Kevin Six and his wife, Jennie (a UCSD alumna), talked with the Guardian about the festival’s supernatural inspirations, being a fly on the wall and producing San Diego’s newest work.

Guardian: What is New Play Cafe?

Jennie Six: New Play Cafe was the vehicle that Lizzie Silverman, myself and Kevin Six decided to operate under. We wanted to provide more opportunities for San Diego playwrights in a venue that was interesting to audience members and might offer more to the creative process for playwrights. We wanted the playwrights to have a READ THE REST HERE


Kevin Six is a co-founder of New Play Cafe. He works as an actor and writer.