From Director Bryant Hernandez

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Bryant HernendezI was lucky to be an actor in the first New Play Cafe’s production at The Big Kitchen in Southpark. I enjoyed working on two of the new plays by Kevin Six and Jonathan Hammond in such a very intimate location. As a director, I’m always interested in new works, as it allows a true collaboration effort from myself with the actors, playwrights and designers to create from scratch in telling the story for the first time.

There’s such a great excitement to work on something brand new for the very first time and seeing the audience reaction on what works and what doesn’t. Those are the moments where we as artists continue to collaborate and fix those moments and make it work.

Bryant with Laura Bohlin in “Between Heaven and Hell” Photo: Paul Savage

Editor’s note: Bryant is directing Talbot’s Shadow, The Gospel According to Jess, The Hunt(s), and Charles the Great for our upcoming production of Legends (in ten minutes or less).  We’re proud and happy to have Bryant and his talents focused on these great plays.  We found a production photo of Bryant in one of the plays he mentioned above.  Get it!


Kevin Six is a co-founder of New Play Cafe. He works as an actor and writer.