Founded on January 5, 2013, New Play Cafe is an ongoing salon showcase of theatre in various states of readiness. Sometimes you’ll get half-baked sketches, sometimes al dente short works, ¬†and sometimes all-done-but-for-the-garnish workshop productions.

We almost always serve food and frinks with our new play offerings. New Play Cafe serves to-go orders of food-for-thought. Indulge in a production soon…

Our goal is to assist playwrights in getting their plays ready for world premiere productions and publication by giving them time, space, and thoughtful audiences.

New Play Cafe is a concept in theatrical production. In the process of birthing a new play, there is a table read with actors, a staged reading for the public and a workshop production before a play is submitted for full production. Unless the playwright has a small trust fund or is somewhat famous, they foot the bill for a process like this. And most theatrical companies want plays “that have not received a professional production.” We provide playwrights with a safe place to help flesh out their scripts, by providing the table read, an opportunity for a rewrite, an additional table read and sometimes even a “workshop” production. So at the end of the process, this play has been before an audience, the playwright can take that experience into a rewriting process and have a more fully fleshed out play that they can submit to theatres and festivals.